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What is Vanquish ME?

Vanquish ME is the highly effective, painless and  non-invasive Radiofrequency device with the largest treatment area available in the industry. It gently and non-invasively heats the fat cells to eradicate inches of excess fat in the mid-section, back and front abdominal areas where diet and exercise have failed in the past. For those who want a slimmer body without the surgery, needles, or the medical risks of liposuction, Vanquish can help you achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of.*

Does the Vanquish ME treatment hurt?

Not at all! This device covers the treatment areas (with expert positioning) and it feels like a warm heating pad that doesn’t even touch your skin! Most patients relax and nap during the treatment, which also covers that pesky muffin top or love handles which have resisted any other type of treatments. The fat tissue under the skin has more resistance so it heats up more than the skin and hence is able to damage and kill a certain amount of the treated fat cells. There is no risk of nerve damage or lingering pain or paresthesias with Vanquish ME.

How can I get the most effective treatment with Vanquish ME?

At Dr. Katie’s Beautiful You we want you to have the most effective treatments possible. We love that there are no lumpy, bumpy areas in between the treatment areas with Vanquish ME. A healthy diet and lots of fluids to help eliminate the dead and dying fat cells is important. Also, for fat reduction, we often use the Cellutone treatment in conjunction with Vanquish ME to make the treated tissues more receptive and responsive to the gentle heat treatment. We also often recommend doing both the front and backside of midsection treatments for maximal coverage; the look is smooth and balanced front to back and the love handles get double coverage with each treatment!

How often can I do the Vanquish ME treatments?

Studies show it is safe and effective to do the Vanquish ME treatments approximately 1 week apart from each other. Treatments will still be effective if the time frame is longer but may be most effective at that suggested interval. If a series of Vanquish ME treatments is completed, another series may be done on the same or different area. Some patients will do a “touch up” treatment 2 or 3 times per year as maintenance.

Do I need to be on a special diet for Vanquish ME to be effective?

No. There is no starvation or specific diet required. Of course, a healthy  diet and regular exercise are recommended for anyone trying to do body sculpting or reshaping. Elimination or moderation of alcohol and other non-nutritious calories is advised for best results.

Does the fat I lose from Vanquish ME treatments ever come back?

No it does not. The fat cells that die and are eliminated after Vanquish ME treatments will not return. However, if excess calories are consumed, fat will still accumulate in other, untreated areas of the body. Any remaining fat cells can still expand and add inches. Vanquish ME treatments are not a replacement for dietary moderation and regular exercise.

Watch our videos showing the VanquishME and the Flex Treatment in Action! – Losing inches around your thighs just got EASIER! 

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Why Choose Vanquish ME?

Vanquish is non-invasive, which means no anesthesia or needles! It is painless and relaxing as the device melts the fat away. There are noticeable results after the first few treatments – only four to six visit could yield the results you want! No risks, no side effects, no downtime – just easy fat reduction!*

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* Individual results may vary


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