Laser Vein Treatment in Newport Beach

Spider Vein Removal

Remove unsightly spider veins and broken capillaries! Small spider veins and dilated capillaries on the face or lower extremities can be treated with VeinGogh for immediate obliteration or, in some instances, with IPL laser. We have both of these modalities available at Gentle Touch for the treatment and removal of spider veins and small telangectasias from the face and legs of our clients.


VeinGogh Treatments


VeinGogh Therapy involves a single, painless treatment which coagulates the small blood vessels and they instantly disappear without any downtime! Prices vary by the number and size of lesions treated but start at only $100.*

IPL Laser Therapy

IPL is most often used for skin rejuvenation and is frequently referred to as the “photo facial”. IPL can enhance your skin to look and feel younger, smoother and more radiant and also decrease age spots, brown sun discolorations. IPL can also treat select, small spider veins and telangectasias of the face.


* Individual results may vary