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Botox softens and smooths those facial fine lines and wrinkles which are one of the first signs of aging.  Botox is a simple and safe, cosmetic treatment that can help fool Mother Nature and make you look and feel younger. Botox has been the standard for addressing forehead and facial wrinkles; but now there are other choices too. Dysport is a prescription product that can be injected with tiny needles to improve the appearance of moderate-to-severe frown lines, forehead creases, wrinkles and “crow’s feet” around the eyes.  The effects last for about 3-5 months in most people.

When you laugh or frown, the brain sends a signal through the nervous system to muscles that facilitate the corresponding expression.  By injecting these products into only those particular response muscles, they become temporarily paralyzed; thus smoothing out wrinkles and lines that would have otherwise appeared.  Sensory signals are spared so there is no change in the sensations normally felt in the areas treated.

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Newport Beach Botox Cosmetic and Dysport contain the same active ingredient (Botulinum Toxin A). They are simple and safe products to apply. Botox, the first such product on the market, has been used successfully for over 20 years.  Call our office for a free, no obligation consultation to help decide which product is appropriate for you to achieve the results you want.  Also, be sure to tell us about any recent procedures – cosmetic and medical – that you have had as well as any medications you take (prescription and nonprescription drugs, vitamins, and herbal products) so we can be sure that this procedure is right for you.

Occasionally, depending upon your complexion and skin type, a some bruising may appear at or near the injection site.  Don’t worry, it’ll go away in a day or two and can easily be covered with makeup. It typically takes 10-14 days to see the full effects of Botox in Newport Beach but most patients start seeing results within 2-3 days after treatment*. The effects of both these procedures are shown to last 3 to 5 months. Be sure to avoid aspirin and NSAIDS (ibuprofens) or other blood thinners, if possible, for 5-7 days prior to any injection therapy in order to avoid bruising. We do offer LED LightStim treatments and topical therapy after treatments to decrease possible inflammation or bruising.

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