LED Therapeutic Bed

Dr Katie’s Beautiful You Aesthetics is the first in Orange County to offer the Lightstim LED Bed!

FDA Cleared for temporary relief of pain and inflammation

Nobel Prize Winning Technology

The LightStim LED Bed has taken NASA’s discovery of the therapeutic effects of certain LED light wavelengths to a new level! This LED bed is composed of 18,240 LEDs designed to rejuvenate, repair and energize every cell in the body. This LED Bed is FDA cleared for temporary reduction of inflammation and increased blood circulation throughout the body. It is the only LED therapeutic technology that employs patented Multi-Wave technology. That technology allows all of the LightStim devices to use 4 or 5 therapeutic wavelengths simultaneously for faster, more effective treatment. This LED bed delivers a full body treatment in 40 relaxing minutes! It also improves ATP’s energy producing activities through  Nitric Oxide stimulation by the therapeutic wavelengths used in this bed. No other bed has this advanced technology!

What makes LightStim’s MultiWave® technology unique:

  • LightStim Professional LED Bed is FDA cleared to temporarily relieve muscle, joint and arthritic pain and stiffness and increase local blood circulation
  • The first LED Bed to gain Over-The-Counter FDA clearance
  • Composed of 18,240 LEDs designed to rejuvenate, repair and energize every cell in the body
  • This total body, non-invasive and natural treatment has over 200 medical and university studies showing no negative side effects
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • LightStim Devices have been used and recommended by Medical Doctors and Health Care Practitioners for over a decade
  • LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology simultaneously emits multiple wavelengths (colors) of light. These wavelengths of light work together to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation so your body can naturally relieve pain, speed healing and promote total body wellness.

This treatment was developed as a natural, non-invasive total body procedure with over 200 medical and university studies proving no negative side effects. Furthermore, this is the first LED bed to gain over-the-counter FDA cleared for temporary relief of pain and inflammation.


LightStim Professional LED Bed at Dr Katie’s Beautiful You


Hundreds of medical and scientific studies show that:

  • Increase body production of ATP by cells
  • Generate important proteins, growth factors & anti-inflammatory cells
  • Help protect cells from toxins and promote recovery
  • Accelerate healing of wounds, bruises, edema and inflammation
  • Promote muscle regeneration, reduce exercise-induced muscle fatigue
  • Improve post-exercise recovery
  • Reduce ill effects of oxidative stress
  • Release endorphins to inhibit pain
  • Increase general circulation and cerebral blood flow
  • Decrease platelet adhesion to linings of blood vessels
  • Decrease post-procedure/surgical scarring
  • Help protect skin from UV damage
  • Increase production & utilization of NO (Nitric Oxide), an important molecule which signals every cell to function properly.



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