Medical Aesthetics, Skincare, Body Sculpting &
Pelvic Rejuvenation (Non-Surgical)


  • Vanquish ME

    VanquishME is the latest innovation in non-invasive technology that selectively heats stubborn fat cells just enough to allow cell breakdown. Lose inches with the VanquishME the device that has the largest treatment area in the industry to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction. This pain-free procedure is ergonomically designed with safety in mind and the results can be seen in just weeks! VanquishME treats those trouble spots such as the abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, arms and saddlebags. Within just a short series of treatments, you can claim your body confidence back and show off a healthier, happier you!

    Why VanquishME?

    • NO needles or anesthesia required
    • Less than an hour treatments
    • NO downtime in between treatments


    VanquishME Treatment

    VanquishME Treatment

    VanquishME Before & After

    VanquishME Before & After

  • Exilis Ultra 360

    The Exilis Ultra 360° is the first and only family of elite devices to simultaneously combine radio frequency and ultrasound to tighten skin and address body concerns.
    It is the best, non-surgical solution for all your skin tightening needs! With the ability to tighten skin from head-to-toe including the abdomen (love handles), legs, buttocks, arms, face, chest, neck and flanks the Exilis Ultra 360° is the perfect treatment for you! The device comes with a large and small attachment that allows us to tighten skin on any part of the body!

    Why Exilis Ultra 360°?

    • NO needles or anesthesia required
    • Lunchtime hour treatments
    • NO downtime in between treatments
    Btl Aesthetics Video

    BTL Aesthetics Video

    Btl Aesthetics Treatment Images

    BTL Aesthetics Treatment

    Btl Aesthetics Before & After Image

    BTL Aesthetics Before & After

  • Cellutone

    The BTL Cellutone achieves the best results in non-invasive cellulite reduction and overall improvement of skin texture. We often pair this acoustic device therapy with our VanquishME to achieve the best results and help you lose inches in no time! With this combination you can flaunt your figure all year long and bring your confidence back!

    Why Cellutone?
    ● NO needles or anesthesia required
    ● Long lasting visible results
    ● NO downtime

    Cellutone Series of Treatment Images

    Cellutone Series of Treatment