*For any services or products on a single visit during the month of your birthday.

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Includes: LigthStim LED Bed Treatment + 5% off Products

Includes: LigthStim LED Bed Treatment + 10% off Products


Welcome to Newport’s premier boutique medical spa.

Our combined team brings more than 40 years of experience in aesthetics and medical services at your service. We strive to give you that little extra care with each treatment and we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service in the industry at competitive prices.

Our professional team is dedicated to helping you achieve your best in appearance & good health. Dr. Katie is known for her skilled and gentle touch. She is extensively trained in aesthetics and is certified in advanced skills such as the Arque Derma non-surgical face lift and InstaTox treatments. Dr. Katie is board certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology and has been practicing medicine for over 25 years in Newport Beach. She is your advocate for a healthy lifestyle as well as radiant skin and a natural, beautiful appearance. Dr.Katie is a fellow of the ACG (American College of Gastroenterology) and A4M, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine which has an emphasis on health and longevity. Our entire office staff is at your service with professional skill, courtesy and state of the art technologies. Our goal is to create a more natural, beautiful and healthy YOU!


Our client’s needs and overall health are our first priority. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs and providing the highest quality aesthetic, medical, diet, nutritional and anti-aging services in a relaxing and professional environment.

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Entering the office, you are greeted by familiar sounds and smells of a favorite day spa. You quickly receive a warm welcome by well prepared and knowledgeable women, including the amazing Dr. Ross who can answer all your beauty and medical questions. The relaxing treatments are pain free and have shown great results. The Vanish device is a marvel of technology that I would encourage for anyone with those persistent fatty areas. Deidra, the medical aesthetician provides the most divine facials ever using fantastic products and first rate beauty enhancement procedures. She has inspired me to maximize the benefits of my treatments through better living and it has really changed how I view my health. I highly recommend these ambient rooms for a calm and pure way to reveal and enhance your natural beauty.
Tammy P.


I have been fortunate to have many facials and some magical tightening treatments from Deidra.  (It’s like one of those reveal shows at the end of each visit!)  She amazes me every time with the results. Deidra is extremely knowledgeable about skin care and knows what machine, facial and/or products are best for whatever problem you are trying to solve.  Wonderful staff and very comfortable atmosphere, too!

Tracy I.

Had to leave a review because this place really is top notch. Got a hydrafacial here before my wedding and was really pleased with the results. I had to purchase my wife one just for the experience. Deidra was fantastic! Dr. Katie and her staff are extremely knowledgeable in their field and bring a wealth of experience and cutting edge instruments to help repair, replenish, and refresh your body for any of your aesthetic needs. And also, they are all very nice! Also, the LightStem LED bed is worth checking out. May be the future in speeding up recovery time after physical activity. For an active person like me I noticed the difference and felt more energized after only 1 session. May vary from person to person but I highly recommend. Overall, the quality of service alone here to me is very valuable. Would recommend without a doubt!

Jason F.


I would highly recommend this aesthetic office to Everyone!!  Dr. Katie, Helena, and Deidra are all so welcoming and extremely helpful. I went in for a really embarrassing issue (bladder leaking urine during physical activity or when I coughed, laughed, jumped, sneezed, and exercised).  Dr. Katie has brought in the BTL EMSella and it’s a chair that uses high-intensity electromagnetic field (similar to an MRI) to activate motor neurons in the pelvic floor.  All without getting undressed!! I simply sat in the chair for less then hour a couple times a week n now my workouts are much more enjoyable!! No more leaking! This office is a one stop shop!! I have now signed up for the membership so that way I get to treat myself to a service once or twice a month. 

Nikki H.


My mother is 85 years young. She is very active but she was embarrassed by bladder leakage. I saw the Facebook for ensela. We got a consult with Dr Katie and she is the most caring doctor. My mother decided to try it after two visits she noticed an improvement. I recommend this procedure.

Cheryl K.


This beautiful office offers a large selection of wonderful products and high tech services designed to spoil yourself with no surgical side effects. The staff is extremely helpful, well informed and very kind. During each visit, I discover new ways to benefit my face and body, and look forward to hearing about the innovative processes still to come. You feel cared for when you walk in and more comfortable in your own skin when you walk out.  I highly recommend having any service done here!



I have been going to Dr. Katie Ross for years and have never been disappointed with a treatment.  The staff are friendly, the facility is clean and peaceful environment.  Will continue to return for years for services at Dr. Katie’s Beautiful You Aesthetics and will continue to recommend this fantastic facility to friends in the area.

Claire M.


I tried the Btl VanquishME for fat reduction and it was amazing. I literally can feel my fat melt away. All you feel is heat and it doesn’t hurt. The facility is great, so warm and relaxing. I can see a difference just from 1 visit. Can’t  wait to get my second treatment.

Rebecca R.


I had the opportunity to use the LED LightStim bed 5 days/week for a month.  Unbelievable on what a difference it made in helping with my recovery time and energy level for strength/weight training as well as cardio!   I strength/weight train/run 5x/week as well as play ice hockey 3x/week… I felt a difference after a couple of sessions on the bed.  This LightStem bed really made a positive impact on my training regimen and I highly recommend it.

Larry Y.